a film by
Alina Teodorescu / Dmitri Popov / Sorin Dragoi

Produced by TEO-FILM
in co-production with Allanimatia and MDR
in collaboration with arte
funded by FFF Bayern

With the participation of
Svetlana Borkovskaya, Angelina Belyakova
Alisa Metelina, Tatyana Baikovskaya
Olga Gnevasheva, Anastasia Duchina, Lilya Klein

Written and directed by
Alina Teodorescu, Dmitri Popov

Director of photography
Sorin Dragoi (RSC)

Camera Assistant
Edwin Maier

Edited by
Alina Teodorescu

Assistant editor
Marzena Walicka

Martin Kolb
Florian Riedl
b.sides music production

Original music
Jenia Lubich

Sergey Moshkov

Sound mix
Tomas Bastian

Jürgen Pertack

msf – Michael Sänger Film

Location manager
Galina Antoshevskaya

Executive producers
Alina Teodorescu
Sorin Dragoi
Frank Egner (MDR)

Comissioning editor
Katja Wildermuth (MDR)


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